“After Five Years, I’m a Farrier

Take a look at this article written by Tewkesbury ADMAG, Evesham Vale on Steven Ellis Coopers blacksmith accomplishments:

A Pershore blacksmith has followed in the footsteps of his ancestors and achieved The Diploma Worshipful Company of  Farriers Steven has been Qualified as a Blacksmith Since 1987 achieving the Top AEF 40 Apprentice

Steve Cooper, of SE Cooper Blacksmiths, said he had to pass the five-year course for his wife, who stood by him throughout the process.

He decided to start th course in 2006 after helping our a friend who was a farrier and finding the job “fascinating”.

He said: “To get the qualification means I am a proper blacksmith. I can do everything needed of a blacksmith from shoeing a horse to making a gate.”

Mr Cooper appeared in the Journal recently in connection with his work n the golden gates of Wood Norton, which was put on hold during his studies.

He said: “Six generations before my parents and grandparents had been full blacksmiths, and now I am carrying on the tradition.

“I had to pass the test for my wife, myself and the business, which has been on the back seat.

“I am so proud of what I achieved. It has been hard work but worth it.”

Tewkesbury ADMAG, 11th July 2012

What does it mean to be Qualified?

Following a 4 Year Apprenticeship from 1983 to 1987 and subsequently taking the Governing bodies set Trade tests I was deemed to be Classed as a Craftsman I then went on to do a Further year improvership with my then Current Masters who were Agricultural Blacksmiths and Engineers.

Apprenticeships are Recognised as being the best work based training where you worked in an appropriate enviroment and then spent as in my case 3 months of the year in a college enviroment.

After the 4 Years of my Apprenticeship I attained the necessary Qualifications to say that I am a Blacksmith and Engineer.
I have always tried to further my Knowledge and have recently after a further five years of training Qualified to Shoe and work with Horses to Diploma Worshipful Company Of Farriers which is recognised World wide as being the best Qualification for Shoeing Horses and Performing Farriery.

Using a person that has been trained to a standard and has attained the necessary Qualifications is the first step to getting what I think will be a first class job!

My total time taken to learn my craft through training Bodies is 9 Years and lets not forget the previous 30 where I have been and will constantly strive to Learn More . View our services